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  1. How does the book's opening scene set the tone for the story?  

  2. What are your initial impressions of Maren Lilienthal? How does her rebellious nature and witchcraft background shape her character throughout the story?

  3. Discuss the role of family secrets and ghosts in the novel. How do these elements contribute to the overall atmosphere and tension?

  4. What role does the setting, including Maren's hometown and her family, play in the story's development and atmosphere?

  5. Cyrus Harper is portrayed as a charming and sexy high-tech billionaire. How does his character evolve as he becomes involved with Maren? In what ways does he challenge or complement her personality? How does his personality contribute to the dynamics of the story?

  6. Explore the themes of envy, malice, and betrayal in the book. How do these emotions drive the actions of certain characters, especially in light of Maren and Cyrus's budding romance?  How do these themes drive the plot, and which characters do you believe are the most affected by them?

  7. The combination of high-tech knowledge, magic, and Tarot plays a significant role in the story. How do these elements intersect and create a unique narrative? Discuss specific instances where technology and magic are intertwined. What were some of your favorite magical or high-tech moments in the book?

  8. Imbolc and a ritual murder become a pivotal event in the story. How does this incident impact the relationship between Maren and Cyrus? How does it affect the overall plot and character dynamics? How did this mystery impact your reading experience, and were you able to predict the outcome? How does this speak to your practice?

  9. The book is compared to "Practical Magic" and JD Robb's "In Death" series. In what ways do you think it is similar to or different from these works, and which aspects of the book stood out to you as unique?

  10. Compare Maren and Cyrus's relationship with other literary couples, such as those in Practical Magic and JD Robb's In Death series. What sets their romance apart, and how does it contribute to the appeal of the story?

  11. How does the romance between Maren and Cyrus evolve throughout the story, and what challenges do they face in their relationship?

  12. Were you surprised by the identity of the person framing Maren and Cyrus for the ritual murder? What clues, if any, foreshadowed this revelation?

  13. Discuss the themes of justice and redemption in the novel. How do Maren and Cyrus work to clear their names, and what sacrifices do they make in the process?

  14. In the context of the tarot cards and witchcraft in the story, what significance do you think the title "Something Wiccan This Way Comes" holds? How does it encapsulate the essence of the book?

  15. What do you think about the way the author incorporates elements of witchcraft and the Tarot into the story? How does it enhance the narrative and the characters' abilities?

  16. What did you think of the book's pacing and the balance between romance, mystery, and magic? Did it keep you engaged throughout?

  17. Without giving away any spoilers, what are your thoughts on the book's resolution and how loose ends were tied up?

  18. In what ways do the characters' experiences and struggles relate to real-life themes and challenges?

  19. If you could ask the author one question about the book or its creation, what would it be?

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