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Egyptology was my first passion; writing wasn't far behind. When I was seven, I read a book about Cleopatra. Even back then, you didn’t get interested in Egypt without stumbling into its magical system, which permeated every part of existence. Egyptian magic inevitably led to the world’s first and arguably greatest magician, the goddess Isis. Her Egyptian name, Iset wer-Heka, means Isis Great of Magic. Once you find Isis, you’re on the doorstep of one of civilization’s great love stories.

I was hooked on powerful women who love powerfully. . . when they find a man worthy of them. Magic was icing on the cake. I wanted to write about powerful, magical women. 

As a love story, Pretty Woman can be problematic, but the ending works . . .for me. 


The music swells. "The prince" conquers his fear of heights and climbs up the fire escape to the top floor. "The princess," who has previously established her strength in not accepting the easy definition of love,  acknowledges his  effort and willingness to change, descends the fire escape to meet him.  They kiss. 

He says, "So what happened after he climbs up the tower and rescues  her?"

"She rescues him right back," she says.

That's how I write my novels. Lovers rescue each other. They become true partners.

When you possess the one true, secret name of a god, they say you can do anything, even bring a man back from the dead. Twice.   - Queen of  Heka

Is your heart lighter than a feather?   - Reeds of Time

Today, I was a witch-bomb primed to explode; he was the match.   - The Wheel of the Year series

The Lovers, Wheel of Fortune, Hanging Man, Judgment, The Magician, Strength, The Tower, Death, and High Priestess Tarot illustrations  ©2021 MARYNA YAKOVCHUK

Delicate Title

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