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Queen of Heka

"When you possess the one true, secret name of a god, they say you can do anything,
even bring a man back from the dead. Twice." -
Iset wer-Heka

In the sands of ancient Egypt, a clandestine war for all-powerful magic rages— a battle veiled in the mists of time.

Step into the realm of Egyptian magic, where sand and the Great River guard forgotten secrets. Meet the world's first and greatest magician, Isis, known as Iset wer-Heka—Isis Great of Magic. Her name resonates with the promise of boundless sorcery, but her tale transcends mere spells.

As a young princess yearning for a simple life denied by destiny, Iset discovers an extraordinary truth: her fate is entwined with one man and the fabric of civilization itself. Their path is one of sacrifice and death, weaving magic, justice, and the promise of redemption into the tapestry of existence.

Armed with the one true, secret name of a god, she embarks on a perilous journey - a quest to resurrect her murdered lover and to forge peace in a chaotic world. Defying warring and jealous deities, she becomes the devoted mother to a savior god and shapes her son's divine destiny.

Lover, mother, healer, magician, patriot, and queen—Iset's epic odyssey unfolds. Her wits, sharp as desert winds, forge divine compromises, leaving an indelible mark on time and civilization itself. For the first time in six millennia, the goddess Isis speaks, peeling back layers of myth to reveal the extraordinary woman beneath.

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