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Questions for your Book Club 

  1. Queen of Heka depicts a love that defies death and becomes one of the world's greatest love stories.

  2. How does the author handle the theme of love in the context of ancient Egyptian mythology?

  3. In what ways does the novel portray the love between Iset (Isis) and Asar (Osiris) as extraordinary?

  4. How does their love defy conventional boundaries and impact the events in the story?

  5. Iset embarks on a perilous journey to resurrect her murdered lover and forge peace in a chaotic world.

  6. Discuss the themes of sacrifice, justice, and redemption in the narrative and how they contribute to the overall tapestry of the story.

  7.  How do these themes play out in the character's actions and choices?

  8. Were there moments where the characters' quests for redemption resonated with you?

  9. Queen of Heka, set in ancient Egypt, depicts a clandestine war for powerful magic between gods and the impact on mortals. It also shows the struggle between order and chaos.

  10. What aspects of the depiction of ancient Egyptian magic and mythology stood out to you?

  11. How does the author create a sense of the mythical and divine in the storytelling, and how does it contribute to the overall atmosphere of the novel? Did the descriptions and details enhance your reading experience?

  12. Considering the historical setting, the novel blends fact and fiction. How did you feel about the balance between historical accuracy and creative storytelling?

  13. In what ways does Queen of Heka contribute to a reinterpretation or deeper understanding of ancient Egyptian mythology and its characters?

  14. The goddess Isis (Iset) is portrayed as the world's first and greatest magician. She speaks for the first time in six millennia in this story.

  15. How does the author peel back layers of myth to reveal the extraordinary woman behind the goddess? Discuss the narrative technique employed in uncovering Iset’s character.

  16. Discuss the evolution of the main character, Iset. How does her journey from a young princess to a powerful queen and magician impact the overall narrative? Are there specific moments that showcase significant growth or change in her character?

  17. How did the novel’s perspective on a well-known deity impact your understanding of the character? Were there aspects of Iset’s portrayal that surprised you?

  18. Iset takes on various roles, including lover, mother, healer, magician, patriot, and queen.

  19. Which of these roles resonated with you the most, and why?

  20. How does Iset's multifaceted character impact the narrative?

  21. As the devoted mother to a savior god, how does the theme of motherhood intersect with the larger narrative?

  22. In what ways does Iset’s role as a mother shape the destiny of her son and the world around them?

  23. Explore the theme of motherhood and the impact it has on the characters and events in the novel.

  24. Iset possesses the one true, secret name of a god.

  25. How does the concept of secret names and divine power contribute to the plot?

  26. How does it reflect the mythology of ancient Egypt?

  27. How does the author use these elements to create a unique and captivating world?

  28. Were there aspects of the magical system that intrigued or surprised you?

  29. The novel explores themes of magic, love, sacrifice, and destiny.

  30. How are these themes interwoven throughout the story?

  31. What symbols or metaphors stood out to you as particularly powerful or meaningful?

  32. Iset faces challenges and conflicts, both mortal and divine.

  33. How does she navigate these challenges, and what role does her determination play in resolving conflicts?

  34. Are there instances where you found her decisions particularly impactful or surprising?

  35. Reflect on Iset’s epic odyssey and how her destiny left an indelible mark on time and civilization.

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