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Embark on a journey into a world where the threads of romance weave seamlessly with mysticism, magic, murder, and cutting-edge technology, infused with an irresistible Witchy charm and a hint of Tarot. Meet Maren Lilienthal, once a pampered trust fund heiress, now compelled to return to her conservative hometown after a malicious scheme leaves her penniless. In an unexpected turn of events, Cyrus Harper, a charismatic tech billionaire, becomes the catalyst to liberate her from the broom closet and usher her into a realm of enchantment.

But this isn't an ordinary love story. As passion blooms, a dark mystery casts its shadow over their newfound connection. When the chilling specter of murder looms large, Maren and Cyrus must meld their unique skills to unravel the cryptic puzzle. Picture the fierce determination of J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas colliding with the magical allure of Practical Magic.

Join Maren and Cyrus as they dance through the twists and turns of The Wheel of the Year series, a spellbinding saga that blends the heady mix of romance, magick, and a dash of Tarot, all wrapped in an irresistible cloak of mystery and technology. Get ready for a ride where love, danger, and the supernatural converge in a breathtaking fusion that will leave you spellbound.

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Grab your tarot cards and embark on a journey of witchcraft, romance, and high-tech mystery

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