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​Flesh and blood, You, brother mine, that entertain'd ambition, expell'd remorse and nature. . .
I do forgive thee. Unnatural though thou art.


With the Russian Mafia on his trail, Darius Pharre (Cyrus's arms-dealer brother), his wife, and his baby daughter seek refuge at Cyrus's ranch. Maren consults the Tarot, and the reading hints at darkness surrounding the Pharre family. On Mid-Summer's Eve, after a solitary Litha ritual, she spies the Bendith y Mamau capering and singing in the ferns by the creek.  These faeries, known ironically as The Mother's Blessings, are malicious and destructive in their dealings with mortals, and the cwn annwn (hounds of the underworld) follow them into the Texas Hill Country. The snow-white dogs with their red ears and eyes like silver mirrors are an omen of death. How are they tied to Darius or to Litha when the  battle between light and dark takes place, and the Oak and the Holly Kings battle for control? 

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