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The Tarot has spoken: Love and murder are in the cards.

Can a Tarot-reading witch and a high-tech billionaire combine their talents to solve crimes, clear their names, and find true love? Something Wiccan This Way Comes combines romance and magick with a witchy flavor and a hint of Tarot wrapped in a mystery.

In the near future in a world riddled by pandemics, Maren Lilienthal, a rebellious heiress and witch, is cheated out of her fortune and forced to return to her wealthy family and hometown. A town where old secrets, ghosts, lovers, and enemies never die. Maren believes the safest place for her might be the broom closet. Cyrus Harper, a sexy billionaire who made his fortune with virus-scanning technology, charms her into coming out. Not everyone falls under the spell of the town’s newest couple or wishes them well. When Cyrus and Maren are framed for a ritual murder on Imbolc, the Wheel of Fortune Tarot reading holds the answer to what happened. Will white magick, Tarot, and technology save them or make things worse? Something Wiccan is definitely not your grandmother’s cauldron.

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