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Coming 2024

Get ready to dive into the magickal world of a Tarot-reading witch and her billionaire lover, and hold on tight as the Wheel of the Year spins toward Beltane in The May Babies Ball, the third book in the Wheel of the Year Mystery series.

Maren Lilienthal and Cyrus Harper return to Riverton after battling extremists in Chicago, more than ready to unwind and revel in the union of The Green Man and the May Queen. They settle into Cyrus’s newly renovated house with its magical gardens, a place Maren once deemed a faery castle, setting the stage for an idyllic tale as the couple begins their life together. But beware! This isn't your average happily-ever-after — those original faery tales were dark and bloody.

The Hag of the Mist (a foreboding banshee) appears in Maren’s mirror, warning of an impending death. She appears again at the annual May Babies Ball, right before Maren discovers a body in the river. What initially seems like a tragic accident takes a sinister turn when the police uncover clues pointing to foul play.

As the town grapples with fear and suspicion, Maren and Cyrus’s old enemies join forces, plunging their idyllic life into chaos. Rumors spring up faster than May’s flowers. Are other party-goers in danger? Are Maren and Cyrus the hunted or the hunters? The plot thickens with each new rumor.

The Judgement Tarot card ominously warns Maren of "judgment day," a reckoning for one's actions, is at hand. The question lingers — for whom is the bell tolling? Dive into this gripping tale of dark magic, tangled destinies, true love, and a community teetering on the brink of a fantastical reckoning.

If you enjoyed Something Wiccan This Way Comes and Season of the Witch, you won't want to miss out on The May Babies Ball.

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