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  1. In the story, Maren and Cyrus face a variety of challenges, including stalkers, terrorists, and tabloid reporters. How do these external threats impact their relationship and individual characters? How does the theme of danger intertwining with love enhance the overall tension of the narrative?

  2. The Tarot cards play a significant role in the story, with The Magician recurring as a clue. How does Maren's use of Tarot symbolism add depth to the plot? How does the symbolism of The Magician reflect the challenges Maren and Cyrus face, both individually and as a couple? How does Maren's reliance on Tarot reflect her journey in the story? What do you think the repeated appearance of The Magician signifies?

  3. Maren turns to Tarot for guidance and keeps encountering The Magician. How does this reflect the themes of fate and destiny in the book? Do you believe in the power of Tarot or other forms of divination in real life?

  4. Maren is haunted by her past romances, which affect her ability to fully trust Cyrus and move forward in their relationship. How does Maren's past influence her decisions throughout the story? In what ways does her character evolve as she confronts her past and the dangers in her present?

  5. The story explores themes of trust and intuition. How do Maren's instincts guide her actions, especially when faced with danger and uncertainty? How does the theme of trust manifest in her relationship with Cyrus, and how do they navigate the challenges together?

  6. The Hawaiian vacation provides a temporary reprieve for Maren and Cyrus, allowing them to escape the false accusation of murder. How does the change in setting impact the tone of the story? What role does the vacation play in their relationship dynamics, and how does it contrast with the dangers they face upon their return?

  7. The home-grown anti-capitalist terrorist group uses the rallying cry "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." How does this biblical reference add layers to the story's themes? How does the group's ideology affect the characters and the overall plot? How do these antagonists contribute to the suspense and tension in the book? What are their motivations, and how do Maren and Cyrus confront this threat?

  8. Maren receives warnings from a stalker, urging her to leave Cyrus. How does this element of the story contribute to the suspense and tension? How does Maren's response to the warnings reflect her character's strength and determination?

  9. Discuss the character of Cyrus and his desire for their relationship to move forward. How does he support Maren through the challenges they face, and how does their relationship evolve over the course of the story?

  10. Cyrus faces challenges to his reputation due to the tabloid reporter's relentless pursuit. How does this subplot highlight issues related to fame, privacy, and the media? In what ways does Cyrus handle the pressure, and how does it affect his relationship with Maren?

  11. The story incorporates Shakespeare's quote, "The course of true love never runs smoothly." How does this theme resonate throughout the narrative? In what ways do Maren and Cyrus's love and commitment to each other help them navigate the obstacles they face?

  12. The book explores the balance between confronting the past and embracing new beginnings. How do the characters grapple with their pasts, and what do these struggles reveal about their personalities and motivations? How does the theme of new beginnings tie into the resolution of the story?

  13. The book explores themes of trust and intuition. How does Maren learn to trust her instincts as the story progresses? Can you point out specific moments in the narrative where her instincts play a crucial role?

  14. The presence of a tabloid reporter adds another layer of conflict to the story. How does this character impact the lives of Maren and Cyrus, and what is their motivation for trying to ruin Cyrus's reputation?

  15. Discuss the symbolism of poison bouquets, violent protests, bomb threats, and snipers in the story. How do these elements contribute to the overall atmosphere and plot?

  16. How do the characters' personal growth and development throughout the novel contribute to the resolution of the various threats they face? How do they ultimately deal with the mysterious stalker and the other challenges in their lives?

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