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Here come the Witches

Step into a tapestry of enchanting discoveries. Delve into the pages of Eloquent Peasant Books at Witchfest 2024 and unearth the secrets of York's strangest market. Explore the journey of acceptance as we uncover the tales of 'Here come the witches' and the legacy of The Last Pagan King of the Isle of Wight.

Embark on a quest to unravel the mystery of Who is the Goddess and unlock the secrets behind the Twin Gates of the Turning Wheel. Immerse yourself in the ancient rituals of the Icelandic Sorcery Festival Ceremony and decode the symbolism of The Literary Tarot.

Gaze upon the celestial wonders with Moonlight: Online Tarot Platform and lose yourself in our extensive reviews covering books, videos, music, movies, and games. Join us on a journey where every page is a portal to wonder, and every word is a spell waiting to be cast. Welcome to the realm where magic meets curiosity.

Eloquent Peasant Books @ Witchfest 2024


Organisers hope to fill the York Medical Society with scents – including what vampires might smell like and witches burning at the stake – as the Curious Emporium arrives in Stonegate.

It’s taken giving away free garden produce and building supplies, the promise of housing for homeless veterans and a really neat Christmas parade float for Wiccan priest Terry Riley to be accepted in his tiny Delta town of Lake City.

Now, whenever Riley and his church members are spotted in public, the most vehement epithet is usually, “Here come the witches.”


Picture © Nigel George

King Arwald was the last pagan king who ruled the Isle of Wight in the seventh century and died defending the Island from merciless Anglo-Saxon barbarian, Caedwalla, a barbarian king of Wessex, making it the last place to be converted to Christianity in England. Every year Pagans celebrate his life on St Arwald’s Day, 22nd April.

The Wheel turns and seasons change. Across the globe, the power of the sun dances upon the magnetic field of the earth below, as the veils between the worlds grow thin. In the north, the hidden powers of life and nature rise into lusty fullness, while in the south a stark contrast, as the dread gate of death stands solemnly open.

The Goddess is the embodiment of the divine feminine. The divine feminine is an energy inside everyone and everything that is often associated with compassion, nurturing, forgiveness, intuition, and empathy. It’s the feminine aspect of divine power that has created galaxies and guides us in our lives. The divine feminine primarily focuses on the inner being and your own emotional world—tapping into this energy can help you heal your mind, body, and soul, and can help you to show more kindness to the world and those around you.

Along the southeastern coast of the Westfjords, in the town of Hólmavík, resides The Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft, a true gem for lovers of obscure history, pagan spiritual traditions, and generally spooky stuff. This month, it will transform into the home and hearth of the Icelandic Sorcery Festival, a brand new celebration of art, music, tattoos and the uncanny numinous history of the Strandir region.


For the past few years, I’ve been reading pop culture tarot at house parties. The spread, the decks, and the interpretations are my own invention. My ’80s and ’90s decks are often the most popular; querents enjoy receiving a reading through a nostalgic lens. Because I’m a writer, eventually I decided to build myself a literary deck.

You might know Bay Area artist Danielle Baskin for her viral, immersive art installations and jokes. Her newest project, Moonlight, is certainly not a joke, but she still finds her characteristic whimsy when describing her new venture: “It’s SaaS for witches.”

She’s not kidding. Moonlight is a free online tarot platform, where you can draw tarot cards on your own, do a reading in a multiplayer room or even book a session with a vetted tarot professional (that’s where the SaaS part comes in).

Books, Videos, Movies, & Games

Heilung is from a faraway place musically. Courtesy Odin Imaging

Heilung's concerts are meant to evoke pagan rituals, with incense burning, Tibetan and Mongolian throat-singing and spiritual experiences.

What Christopher Juul sees from the stage each night is much more, and bigger, than a sold-out audience full of fervent fans. “What we like to imagine is the forest of people in front of the stage can become a forest in the real world,” says the Heilung member.

Melinoe has quite the Olympian task before her. But with the help of the gods and her Tarot deck, she may bring time grinding to a halt yet. Here’s all Tarot Cards and how to unlock them in Hades 2.

Tarot cards and readings are a pretty frequent aspect of horror movies, but we don't see too many films where the tarot is at the center of the story. Enter TAROT, which follows all the terrible things that go wrong after a group of friends breaks some of the core rules of using the cards relied upon by fortune tellers, serious students of divination, and probably several of your friends.

The uncertainty regarding the future of ‘Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale’ has come to an end! Sundance Now has renewed the supernatural drama series for season 2. The filming of the sophomore installment will start in Worcestershire, England, and Wicklow, Ireland, on an undisclosed date. Debbie Horsfield, who created the show based on V.V. James’ ‘Sanctuary: A Novel of Suspense, Witchcraft, and Small Town Secrets,’ continues to lead the writers’ room, with Jessica Ruston and Gabbie Asher returning to pen the episodes. Lisa Mulcahy and Justin Molotnikov are on board as directors.

Divination, specifically tarot and oracle decks, has fascinated me most of my adult life. While I don’t put much stock on the mystical abilities supposedly found in oracle decks, I’ve found the activity of drawing cards to speak on certain aspects of my life comforting and, occasionally, a useful guide.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a game that takes that concept and makes it the core gameplay loop. Almost the entire runtime takes place in protagonist Fortuna’s home as friends come and go, but often not before getting a reading.

The ground-breaking documentary blended academic research with salacious scenes of torture and nudity. Censors weren’t having it.

IN SEPTEMBER 1922, SWEDISH FILMGOERS settled in for the most expensive Scandinavian film of the era: Häxan, later known as Witchcraft Through the Ages. At the Stockholm premiere, audiences enjoyed a live orchestra and illustrated playbills introducing the film’s cast and creative process.

Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods is a decidedly witchy take on gods that I’ve held dear since I was a wee child, reading and rereading what turned out to be watered-down versions of the Greek myths. My own spiritual path has taken a circuitous route from reading those child-friendly myths, one that included several years as part of a Wiccan coven before eventually joining a group reviving ancient Greek practices. Knowing what I do about both traditions, I was very interested in what Astrea Taylor and Jason Mankey had to say about the intersection of these topics.

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