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I am a Witch: The Pendle Witch Exhibit

I first heard about the Pendle witches from a novel, The Daughters of Witching Hill, which I read back in 2014. SInce then, they come up every few months in something I read. This was one of those weeks.

The exhibition in Pendle. Credit: ITV News

The 'I am a Witch' exhibition includes a centre-piece memorial created by more than 1,000 women across the world honouring the innocent women persecuted as 'witches' during what is known as the Burning Times. The exhibit is in Lancaster, near the notorious Pendle Hill. Lead curator, Cali White, says the exhibition - which was co-created by 33 women known as the Silver Spoons Collective - hopes to show many of the traumas that women have now were inherited from the witch hunts.

Check it out. The videos are first rate.

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