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Curated Witch June 23

The other day, I was on social media when I saw a video of someone creating a protective Witch Bottle. From historical records and excavations, we know that Witch Bottles were a bit of folk magic that protected those dwelling in a home from the malefic influence of a witch. It stems from the UK and has made its way through Europe and the US.

The meanings of Green candles are tied to the qualities of Venus. Though we commonly associate Venus with love, she also governs fertility and abundance, which is why she oversees candle magic for spells related to money or prosperity.

A seemingly curious alliance of druids, pagans, hippies, residents, tourists, and costumed witches and wizards has gathered around a prehistoric stone circle on a plain in southern England to express their devotion to the sun, or to have some communal fun.

They stayed and celebrated at Stonehenge, approximately 128km (80 miles) southwest of London, for the night and to greet the sunrise on Wednesday, which will be the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

[Photo: Toby Melville/Reuters]

The Tarot has long been a tool of charlatans. But it has also long been embraced by brilliant, unconventional thinkers, many of whom themselves have a touch of the charlatan about them (and who would just as likely admit it with a smile). William Butler Yeats was a fan, as is visionary Chilean filmmaker, artist, writer, and psychonaut Alejandro Jodorowsky, who has recorded his own Youtube series explaining his take on this classic mode of divination. With its archetypal symbolism, the Tarot’s appeal to artists should be obvious. Most of them, like Jodorowsky, find far more interesting uses for it than fortune-telling. “You must not talk about the future,” Jodorowsky tells us in his series, “the future is a con. The tarot is a language that talks about the present.”

What might another visionary artist, Salvador Dalí, think of Jodorowsky’s Tarot interpretations?

With office work quickly changing shape, the future of human jobs is starting to look bleak. Now that thousands of AI tools have entered the market and are being used by mainstream corporations, it is safe to say that we are in a future where people incorporate artificial intelligence into their daily lives.

What does Tarot have to say about it?

In the mystical depths of a shadow-laden city, Detective Victoria "Vic" Angelo delves into the enigmatic realm where tarot and justice converge....

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