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The Curated Witch August 11, 2023

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You gotta love a good witch. In anime and manga, they’re kind of like the cousins of magical girls, though the latter is much more popular than the former. In a literal sense, they are magical girls; witch-centred manga can often emulate similar shojo-ish themes, but are usually quite different in terms of tone and worldbuilding.

If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit a bit early, or if you just want to avoid re-reading the Harry Potter series again, you’ll love these witchy manga titles.

"The book shows how witch-hunting was a source of income for many local people — innkeepers, carpenters, gaolers and others — and of how whole communities became involved in one way or another."

Between 1645 and 1647 in East Anglia, in large part due to the efforts of just two witch-hunters, approximately 120 innocent people were executed, the vast majority of them women. This number was greater than in all other English witch-hunts of the preceding two centuries.

The US cover of The Witching Tide is different than the UK cover.

Renowned author Michael York brings readers on a captivating journey into the world of Paganism with his latest book, "Matter Matters." Providing a comprehensive overview of one of the world's oldest religious movements, this insightful work sheds light on the common practices, traditions, and core beliefs that shape the earth-centric spirituality of Paganism.

In the past two years, a thriving subgenre has emerged within SFF romance where plucky young witches living in cozy witch enclaves find love. These books often have winning cartoon covers and cute punny titles. They are set in idyllic small towns with atmospheric names and vague geography (“outside of Carbondale” or “deep in the North Georgia mountains”). They’re prone to sudden eruptions of boosterish nostalgia for girlboss settler colonialism. They are overwhelmingly written by white women.

I believe the books are meant to be light-hearted and charming, and it is certainly possible to read them that way, if you are not reading fifteen of them in a row with the goal of answering the research question, why is this subgenre so white? But if you do have that research question, and you do read fifteen in a row, it becomes clear that they are (inadvertently, I believe) laundering racist ideas through a storefront of adorability, allowing white readers to feel—as the protagonists feel—like simultaneous victims of and champions against systemic bigotry.

Medieval Tarot Cards - Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

Tarot cards have captivated people's imaginations for centuries, with their intricate designs and mystical allure. From their origins in medieval Europe to their modern-day use as a tool for personal growth and divination, the history of tarot cards is a fascinating journey. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the origins of tarot, the evolution of its symbolism, and the various ways in which it has been interpreted throughout history.

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